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Have you, or a loved one, child or family member, been injured in a U-turn accident anywhere in Pennsylvania? These are often the result of careless driving, distracted driving or drunk driving and can end in serious, life changing and sometimes fatal injuries. Under Pennsylvania auto accident laws you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering, medical costs and lost wages. It behooves you to consult with an experienced Pennsylvania auto accident lawyer.

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Pennsylvania U-Turn Accident Causes

Pennsylvania drivers and motorists run or pass through stop signs or “roll” through stop signs daily. The latter violation is so prevalent in Pennsylvania that many years ago it became known as the “Pennsylvania Roll.” Stop sign violations are a significant cause of accidents and collisions throughout all of PA.

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Stop Sign


Having many years of experience and expertise in successfully handling thousands of car injury accident cases, including stop sign collision cases, our personal injury lawyers have recognized several common factors that cause stop sign accidents, which include the following:
Stop Sign

  • Inattention: Recklessly, carelessly or negligently driving and passing a stop sign without noticing the stop sign, which often leads to a violent intersection impact with another car, truck or other vehicle that had the right of way to drive through the intersection
  • Two drivers believing they each have the right of way at an “ALL-WAY STOP” sign (where each street at an intersection has a stop sign for its direction of traffic) and, due to lack of understanding, inattention and/or knowledge, both accelerate past their stop signs and collide
  • Driver Error: Driver making a mistake in believing the intersection is a four-way stop or “ALL-WAY STOP” instead of a just two-way stop, so the driver passes the stop at the same time another car, truck or other vehicle drives through the intersection and crashes into the careless driver
  • Obstruction: The stop sign is blocked, obstructed or otherwise obscured from view by trees, bushes, a parked or stopped truck, or some other causes
  • Weather: Harsh weather such as a bright sunset obscuring one’s vision, fog, snow, sleet and rain

Liability In Pennsylvania U-Turn Accidents

The driver who does not have the right of way is generally always responsible for a stop sign accident, which usually occurs from a lack of focus and attention while driving on the road or not paying attention to or seeing another car, motorcycle or other vehicle that stopped at the stop sign first.

Injuries In U-Turn Accidents

A U-turn accident usually occurs due to a collision between two vehicles when both drivers believe they have the right of way or due to one careless driver who either passes the stop sign without being aware of it or by assuming the other entrances of the intersection also have a stop sign when they do not. A stop sign collision often results in serious and painful injuries to the driver’s or passenger’s neck (sometimes called a whiplash injury), back and sometimes fractures or catastrophic injuries that can permanently alter one’s life or lead to death and wrongful death claims.

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