Red Light Accidents

Injuries suffered in red light accidents, crosswalk accidents, intersection accidents or rear end collisions can completely upset your life. The injuries sustained can result in lost wages due to missing time at work, huge medical bills, lingering health issue, physical pain and emotional suffering. Under Pennsylvania auto accident laws you may qualify for benefits and financial compensation. It makes sense to consult with a skilled Harrisburg, Pennsylvania auto accident lawyers serving the entire state of Pennsylvania.

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Red Light Accident Statistics

According to a 2008 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)., red light accident collisions caused 762 deaths; and the NHTSA also has estimated that approximately 165,000 people are injured in red light car and other types of traffic accidents on an annual basis.

Causes Of Pennsylvania Red Light Accidents

Red Light

In our many years of experience in dealing with thousands of red light car, motorcycle, truck and other motor vehicle accidents and collisions, we have discovered several common factors that lead to these red light accidents, which include the following:

    1. Car, truck or motorcycle rushes to “make the light” while it is on yellow and ends up entering the intersection on a red traffic signal light, where other vehicles are turning or driving perpendicular to the driver, leading to a hard impact car accident
    2. Car driver makes an error by thinking he or she could beat the light on the yellow, but then changes mind and attempts to stop at red light, but, due to high speed, car ends up passing the red light anyways, crashing into another car, truck or other vehicle
Red Light
  1. A driver passes the red light due to inattention or recklessness and crashes into another car on its green traffic light
  2. A car lawfully in the intersection turns left after its traffic signal turns red as another second driver, not aware that the first car is making a left turn, accelerates (or “jumps the light”) on the green light and crashes into the left turning car.
  3. Bad weather conditions that include a blinding setting sun, rain, snow, icy roads and fog.

Liability In Pennsylvania Red Light Accidents

Most of the time, the fault (i.e., the legal liability) for a red light car accident falls on the driver who entered or crossed into the intersection on the red light. A typical example occurs when the at fault car enters on a red traffic light when the opposing car, already lawfully in the intersection, turns left blocking the path of the car that entered the intersection on a red light, resulting in a violent two-car collision.

In addition, there are times when a driver enters the intersection on a green but is still at fault, including when the first driver, already lawfully in the intersection and waiting for traffic to clear before turning left, then completes the left-turn right after the light turns red, when the second vehicle, entering on a green light in a perpendicular direction “jumps the green light” and enters the intersection before the intersection clears and collides with the lawfully left turning vehicle.

Injuries Suffered In Red Light Accidents

In a typical red light intersection car accident, the first car or vehicle lawfully entered the intersection on a green or yellow light and is slammed into by a second car or other vehicle which entered against a red traffic signal. Such intersection accidents usually result in violent collisions, with major property damage, often totaling one or both cars or other vehicles, and causing severe personal injuries to the drivers and passengers in their cars, trucks or motorcycles.

Common injuries that are caused in Pennsylvania red light collisions are neck injuries such as whiplash injuries, due to the strong impact to the side of the vehicle from the second car, as well as back, shoulder, arm, hip and leg injuries, including fractures. In addition, the driver of the car that passes the red light may suffer multiple injuries and fractures ranging from broken shoulders to broken legs and sometimes even a damaged spinal cord that could lead to permanent injuries beyond repair.

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